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just when you need them

Sometimes the Perfect Sentiment Makes All the Difference

Yes Please!

I still have my Courage lion that you sent before my open-heart surgery! It absolutely was a courage-inspiring gift!! 

Laurie M.

Who wouldn't want socks that say I AM AWESOME?! I wear them as often as I can and can't wait to get the new ones I just ordered that say "I AM STRONG"!

Arnie S.

I wear my bracelet every day! It reminds me how strong I am which I need now more than ever!


I'll never forget the lion you gave us when Adrienne was first diagnosed. Now he sits in her children's playroom all these years later! An amazing gift! Thank you.

Adrienne's mom

I could NOT love my socks more! Starting the day with socks that say CRUSHING IT! makes me feel great! Now I just need 6 more pairs! Thank you!

Kelly D.

It seems odd but now that I am well again, sometimes I find it hard to remember to live my life to the fullest. This bracelet is the perfect way to remind me - Life is a Gift and I can honor it by fully living it! Thank you!

Julie M.